034 A - Trying to hard, forever


This week kicked my ass. I'm net victorious, but fuck man. After a long patch of terror, joy hurts. Here are local positive happenings in my area:

The toddler is starting Socially Distance-d (SD) Ballet soon.

We've completed the outdoor stairs at our renovation and having been making slow and steady progress since. The siege has ended, the assault begins.

Yesterday, the toddler threw our ballots in the public mailbox near our house. She did it for me, she didn't know or care why. I bribed her to walk with me with looking at the neighbor's jack-o-lanterns.

Yesterday, L made the best meal so far this year, an amazing smoked pork chop served with whiskey sauce, corn salad and hot homemade apple sauce.

We have scheduled movers for our move to our new, larger, more joyfully located new rental house. In December I will be renting or owning 3 houses, a long way from daily or weekly or monthly housing uncertainty.

At the end of the world I have it all, for some values of "all".

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